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Frau Chemicals has available literally hundreds of Neat Oil and Water Soluble Cutting Fluid formulations, below are...........................

Some of Our Water Soluble Cutting Fluids and Cleaners

C-36 cf

C-36 cf, is our Flasgship Product for the Aerospace Industry.

Specifically designed to machine tough Aerospace metals, C-36 cf  runs exceptionally clean, generates very litttle foam and combines 3rd Generation Bio-Stabilty technology for best in class bio resistance. C-36 cf  contains no Cholorine or Sulfur however still provides outstanding lubricity with it's heavy oil base and proprietary EP additives package. (Many current and pending approvals, please enquire)



E- 64 is our New General  Purpose Flagship Chlorinated Hi Performance Soluble Cutting Fluid.

Specifically designed for the severest operations. E-64  is engineered for Multi Metal operations and is advanced science with superior machining results very clean running and the best in Bio Stability. E-64 rapidly and effectively separates tramp oils to dramatically extend sump tooling life. Also available in a Chlorine Free Version.


C-36 Strong

C-36 Strong, is our Chlorinated Hi Performance Soluble Cutting Fluid.

Specifically designed to be a General Purpose but Very Heavy Duty cutting fluid and can be used as the "Go To" cutting fluid throughout your machine shop..


F-96 Syn

F-96 is Our Hi Performance  Chlorine Free  Synthetic Cutting Fluid.

F-96 is a high performance synthetic machining fluid specifically designed for aluminum machining applications and for difficult iron and steel applications.  F-96 has a clear solution and low residues. It is biostable so there is no need for harsh biocides. Rapid separation of tramp oils and Multi Metal functionality for iron, steel, leaded steels, bronze, copper, and even glass and plastic. It can be used in many applications including machining, cutting and grinding. It is ideal for central systems and individual machines


STC 90 Sump Tank Cleaner

STC 90 is  Highly Effective Sump Cleaner

STC-90 is a liquid alkaline cleaner especially effective for cleaning coolant systems from contamination, buildup, fines and bacterial and fungal growth. STC-90 is fortified with the highest quality conditioners and cleaners for top performance and efficiency. It also gives temporary corrosion protection to your machinery and components.


Frausol Heavy Duty Degreaser

Frausol is  a Powerful Heavy Duty Degreaser

Frausol is a fast acting; powerful, non-corrosive, non-flammable product that may be sprayed or wiped on to effectively clean metals, plastic, vinyl, rubber and concrete. It’s balanced blend of synthetic detergents, alkaline builders and sequestering agents accelerates maximum soil and grease removal; even in hard water. Frausol is also designed for use in automatic floors scrubbers as well as be used with a mop or brush on methods.


Megaton Citrus Heavy Duty Degreaser

Megaton Citrus is a Dynamic Citrus Based Heavy Duty Degreaser

Powerful fast acting formula is a 100 % biodegradable citrus degreaser fortified with D-Limonene. Megaton Citrus is concentrated and effectively cleans sealed or unsealed concrete surfaces. It's superior balanced blend of synthetic detergents incorporates the same technology as  Frausol. Megaton Citrus is especially designed for use in automatic floors scrubbers as well may be used with a mop and bucket. Megaton Citrus holds in suspension dirt, oil, grease and grime. This prevents re-deposition and helps with easy removal. Megaton Citrus is also highly effective in removing rubber tire marks from forklifts.


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